Clubs and Activities

Fall River Elementary, offers a variety of extracurricular activities that foster meaningful relationships, academic achievement, and individual pride for students.

Welcome back Fall River KidZingers!

The KidZing Chorale is a mixed group of fourth and fifth grade girls/boys at Fall River Elementary School.

Students in 4th and 5th grade are learning various foundational principles of robotics.  Using VEX Robotics materials, students collaborate together to build robots that can perform a variety of tasks. Once teams build and test their robots, they are additionally offered the opportunity to make new iterations (adjustments) to their robots. The growth throughout students’ experience within our robotics program is exciting for all involved. Viewers will be amazed at the awesome creations students come up with!

As part of the programming students are offered an annual “Design Challenge”, which requires specified design rules, requirements and ways to earn points through local, state and national competitions. With each Design Challenge, student teams are presented with a playing field which they either control their robots via a controller, or without (autonomous) a controller. During competition, student teams earn points by completing identified tasks…all within the short allotted time of 60 seconds!. At the 25 to 35 second mark, teammates are required to switch controllers.

As part of the design process, students will assume roles when working in teams:

-Designer: Someone who creates an original design or re-designs part of the current robot design. This person(s) shall research ways to modify/design changes and then illustrate 2-D representations for the team.

-Builder: This person does the building of the robot.

-Parts Manager: Retrieves the correct parts that the builder needs; returns parts to the parts store, etc.

-Recorder: This person logs the progress which teams are making; who has done what; questions to address; etc.

-Researcher- This person leads the research project (depending upon the teams participation within this topic). 

Students have the wonderful opportunity to work with local parent and high school volunteers whom have previous robotics, engineering and technology experience.  . It is furthermore important to know that the elementary (VEX Robotics) builds upon curriculum and expertise that will be required to move on to the next level of robotics when in middle school.

Fall River is excited to be involved in the Colorado Health Foundation Physical Activity Grant that was awarded to SVVSD in the amount of $1.4 million. The Physical Activity Grant is designed to support SVVSD in increasing the amount of student participation in daily moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA).  Fall River (& 30 other schools) will receive funding and support over the next two years to: implement opportunities for movement outside of the school day, incorporate movement breaks into classroom instruction time, and provide more opportunities for movement during recess.

 In order to increase MVPA outside of the school day, Fall River has implemented the 100 Mile Club. As 100 Mile Club participants, students can track the miles they walk or run during 100 Mile Club designated time at school, during special recess days, and at 100 Mile Club sanctioned community events. This allows ALL students to participate and is a great way to combine all of their activity towards a common goal—walking or running 100 miles during the school year.

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