Parking & Transportation Support

The following information should assist families in following the pick-up/drop-off rules in our parking lot.  Because this creates such a safety issue for our students, we take this very seriously.  We know all of us are busy and in a hurry, but it is critical to our students’ safety that all drivers follow our parking lot rules.  Though it may seem slow, our loop actually moves quite fast when everyone follows the safety rules.   Of course, walking to school, even if it is from a few blocks away, is an easy way to clear up our parking lot and loop!

  • ALL students grades K-5 are to picked up/dropped off in the pick-up/drop-off loop before and after school unless they walk from off-campus.
  • Have children ready before you go through the loop (coats on, said goodbyes, etc.); this allows them to get out of the car more quickly, and the line moves more quickly. 
  • ONLY pre-school parents may pull into the parking lot and park before and after school, and then use one of the crosswalks to walk their children to the door.
  • Pre-school parents MUST have a pre-school pass to do this.
  • NO students may be picked up/dropped off in the parking lot.
  • NO students may be picked up/dropped off in the bus lane at any time, even during the school day due to emergency   vehicle and bus access.
  • Handicap parking is reserved for students with disabilities before and after school, and is not available for adults at that time.
  • Students are to get in and out of vehicles in the pick-up/drop-off loop on the designated sidewalk, and wait for pick up in the marked area.  It is not safe to pick-up/drop-off on the “grassy” side of the loop.
  • DURING the school day, parents are welcome to park in the parking lot.

If you are already following all of these safety rules, we thank you for your support!

Please be careful as you drop your child(ren) off for school. Use caution for the safety of all our students!

Be observant and use caution on Deerwood Drive. We have many students and parents who cross this road to get to school. Please obey all traffic laws when on Deerwood Drive. Also, those who walk or ride bikes are asked to cross only at crosswalks.

Students who ride bikes, scooters and roller bladers are asked to dismount when on school property. This will help us to continue to assure the safety of our students. Cars should not be parked in the DROP OFF ZONE. If you need to park, please use the parking lot. Also, the bus loop is for bus use only. It is very difficult for the buses to maneuver when cars are stopped or parked in the bus loop.

Please remember that for human and animal safety reasons, dogs of any size are not permitted on school property, especially during pick up and drop off times. If you are walking your dog when you pick up/drop off, please meet your child in the park adjacent to the school.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

For questions and concerns about traffic on Deerwood Drive, please contact:

Joe Olsen
Traffic Engineer
Department of Public Works
(303) 651-8323

Transportation Services

Transportation Services’ mission is to provide safe, efficient transportation that supports the educational environment, while complying with governmental regulations and Board policy. More than 100 bus drivers travel over 1,400,000 miles annually while transporting over 6,900 students daily. Transportation services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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