School Overview

Our Mission

Fall River is a collaborative STEM community inspiring curiosity, empathy, and innovation by integrating authentic problem-solving to mentor the leaders of tomorrow.

School Motto

In 2009, the staff and students of Fall River Elementary created our school motto.  First, staff members brainstormed words they thought were powerful and inspiring for those who work with children and in the field of education.  Next, staff members worked in teams to create 5-7 word mottos using at least two of the words from the “inspirational” pool.  Finally, the mottos were shared with the entire student body, who voted to choose the one they felt both inspired them and described best what is special about Fall River Elementary.  These five words are our touchstone to remind us that you have to be brave, work hard, and never give up to achieve your very best!  Fall River Elementary…The Courage to be Outstanding!

School Leadership

Fall River Elementary School