Art October News

Fall has arrived! Artists have been busy in the art room creating incredible works of art.

Kindergarten- Artists have been studying line in art and are transitioning into how artist create patterns using line and texture.

1st grade- Line Art and Shape: artists are finishing their study of how artist use line to show energy and movement in a work of art and beginning to examine the art of Henri Matisse and how he used shape to create art.

2nd grade- Special Place Paper Quilt Block: artists are completing their self-portraits and will soon begin creating special place paper quilt art, with a focus on the art of Faith Ringgold.

3rd grade- Vase with Flowers: artists observed and critiqued Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower painting that he created for his friend and roommate, Paul Gauguin. Artists then created an oil pastel drawing of a vase with flowers to show depth through the use of shading and including a background.

4th grade- Landscape: artists studied how to create the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface through the use of size and overlap. They set out to create a landscape that demonstrates the understanding depth in a work of art.

5th grade- Tree of Life: artists observed the artwork Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt and developed interpretations of the tree and its meaning. They creating their own trees and making choices about color schemes, subject matter, technique and organization.


Mr. Kloser

Fall River Elementary School