Library May News

Greetings from the Learning Lab
 May 2018

Non-fiction relabeling is completed!

Thank you to all of the helpers who have come to resticker our non-fictions books, all 4,901 of them! This was a major effort and commitment to getting through the entire collection. I extend special thank yous to Rachel Van Sambeek, Karen Ward and Beth Walker.  We could not have done this without you. 

Important Upcoming Dates:

Last week to check out library books

April 30th-May 4th

All library books due back

May 11th

Final late/missing notices to go home

May 18th

Lost book fees entered into Infinite Campus

May 24th

Please remember that once you pay for a lost book we cannot issue refunds.  If your student has a book missing, it’s time to find it.  Thank you for your assistance to make the end of the year run smoothly.

A final thank you to all Fall River Families for your support through the years. I’ve enjoyed this position as librarian immensely.  I adore your children and I know the next librarian will love them just as much. You can’t do this job and not love kids and books. You will still see me in the neighborhood and at the grocery store so please say hello when you do.  I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family as my own children are growing up way too fast.  Time is precious and such a gift.  I appreciate all your good wishes. 

xoxo Mrs. Myhre