STEM April News

Hello Fall River Families!

Family STEM Night

Family STEM Night brought together members of the community, families, staff and students!  There were “Student Powered Projects” displayed, hands-on demonstrations, exploration with some of our un-plugged materials and a chance to peek into our Fox Forge Maker Space.  Thank you to all for the support of this fun, informative evening.  

Recycle Contest

Students at Fall River will have an opportunity to participate in a recycle contest and learn about reducing, reusing and recycling from Eco-Cycle!  Thanks to our pre-school students for teaching us all how to recycle.  They will be sharing their work at our Family STEM Night, along with all other grades, too!  

Student Powered Projects

Students have worked all year on asking questions and creating projects to help the community.  These projects are inclusive of all students in each grade level. Student Powered Projects were displayed during Family STEM Night.  These projects used design thinking, STEM integration, and helped the community.  They also connected to our Fall River mission statement. In case you haven’t seen the mission statement in a while it is here for you to read.

Fall River is a collaborative STEM community inspiring curiosity, empathy, and innovation by integrating authentic problem-solving to mentor the leaders of tomorrow. 

Thank you for your children!

Dr. Helen Douglass

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