STEM May News

STEM at Fall River
May News
This year has truly flown by for me at Fall River especially since I didn’t arrive until
October. Kindergarten, 1 st , and 2 nd grades have finished their unit of programming
Bee Bots. Some classes chose to integrate their current unit with the Bee Bot
programming. Kindergarten added seeds to coding while second grade combined
their measurement with Bee Bots as well as collaborative groups as a bonus to
working together.
Fifth grade finished their 3D printing unit with successful projects for the group
design challenge. Everyone agrees, for some reason, watching the 3D printer
print is both mesmerizing as well as calming. Must be the sound it makes as well
as watching a project come to life.
STEM in May will focus trying out the Sphero robots. There are several
opportunities to learn to use the robots while getting through a mini golf obstacle
course. Students will work in small groups with the Sphero, iPad and obstacle
course they choose. Some will be simple programming while others will be more
The final STEM Lunch will meet on Wednesday, May 8, in the Kindergarten room.
STEM lunch students have requested another go with Photo Origami. There are
many uses in Bioengineering, Medicine, and Robotics, for what we know as
Shrinky Dinks. Of course, the polymer differs depending on the use. The students
will use a polymer that uses heat to make transformations. The biggest challenge
will be to make a flat geometric shape that transforms under the heat lamp,
turning it into a 3D shape.
I have truly enjoyed my first year at Fall River. I will be back next year for more
STEM at Fall River.
Phyllis Ashe