Congratulations to our Preschool Para, Michele Hysel, for receiving the Superintedent's Excellence in Education Award.  Michele was presented with this honorable award by the Superintendent, Don Hadad, in the company of some of her favorite little people.  We, at Fall River, know that Michele is very deserving of the recognition and we are so thankful to have her at our school!

Running Club Updates 04/07/17

    1       55.84
    2       23.77
    3       43.30
    4       12.15
    5       19.43
    6       21.18
    7       17.22
    8       26.90
    9        1.41
   10       56.29
   11       32.90
   12        0.94
   13        1.00
   14        0.94
   15        0.88
   16        7.37
   17        7.58
   18        2.84
   19       17.59
   20       14.18
  101       16.57
  102       34.14
  103       97.74
  104       62.36
  105       34.53
  106       27.27
  107       37.42
  108      136.28
  109       50.16
  110       48.08

100 Mile Club April News

Hi Parents:  Our runners are doing an amazing job.  So far we have run a combined 3,594 miles this year!  We have several students already obtaining their 100 mile goal and well on their way to 200 miles.

Student Council April News

Happy Spring! Student Council members are excited to attend our very first field trip. We will be learning all about what role the Longmont City Council plays in helping our city run so smoothly. Our members have also been busy preparing good luck charms for all of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students as they prepare to take all of the state tests in April. We know they will rock it!    

Theresa Buchtel and Kelly Carlander

STEM April News

Hello Families,

Family STEM Night/Invention Convention

Thank you to all the students, staff, families and friends who helped make our combined Family STEM Night/Invention Convention a success!  We had adult presenters sharing their work and hobbies, students sharing their hobbies and classwork and our Invention Convention students sharing their creations.  We also had VEX IQ demonstrations and an STEM game exploring room.   If you didn’t make this year’s event, we hope to see you next year!  A

Library April News

Spring Greetings from the Library!

Spring is in full swing! To keep reading fresh and fun, try checking out ebooks from our SVVSD Digital Library.  They are automatically returned after 14 days and there are hundreds of titles meant for primary and secondary student readers.  You can access the books by following the steps below.

Directions to Access OverDrive from Ceran Homepage:

PTO April News

Our next PTO meeting will be on Monday, April 10, at 7pm.  We will be discussing plans for Carnival and Teacher Appreciation Week.  Ideas and volunteers are needed.  Coordinators have been identified for each event, but they could definitely use some additional support.  As usual, childcare for children ages 3 years and up will be available.

Be on the lookout in late April and May for opportunities to order a copy of the yearbook and to pre-order tickets for this year’s Carnival and school supplies for next year.

Principal April News

Dear Fall River Families,

Counselor April News

The Bean Jar

The Bean Jar is a simple positive behavior support system that has been shared with many Fall River families over the years.  Here is how it works.

Supplies: A simple glass jar, a bag of dried beans. (Actually any small uniform object will work for currency, like marbles, jelly beans, coffee beans, erasers, pebbles...). 

Preschool April News

In March we had great fun learning about the weather. We experimented with what materials can be moved by the wind. The 4 year old classes designed, built, tested, re-built and re-tested kites.  We learned about why rainbows appear, why it rains and what clouds are made of. The students kept track of and recorded the weather daily. We are currently studying Space.