September STEM News

  • All four 2nd Grade classrooms are participating in a STEAM challenge using the iPad’s marvelous camera and students’ artistic portrait drawing.  The final product is a bit of a surprise which will be shared on Seesaw. 
  • Mrs. Schluckebier 3rd grade students used the iPad with iCreate to make their nameplates.  Students learned how to use Sketches Pro to make things like bubble letters, coloring methods, and how to add pictures to their masterpiece. 
  • 5th Grade will kick-off their Earth Science unit with the Making Waves in Earth Science workshop from CU Boulder.  This 2-session workshop will focus on the essential role waves play in understanding the Earth System and plate tectonics in Earthquakes.  This will include hands-on activities introducing fundamental physics.

The newest robot to be added to the Fall River collection is the Edison robot.  When students work with the Edison robot they will learn the interrelationship between time, distance, and space.  I look forward to introducing students to the Edison Robot.

Phyllis Ashe

STEM Coordinator