Preschool News

It is hard to believe we are at the end of our school year already! For our last few weeks together we are working on preparing for our roles next year. For our returning preschoolers, we are talking about being good leaders next year while our students moving up to kindergarten are enjoying some visits into the kindergarten classrooms, snacks in the cafeteria and even some practice using the hallway bathrooms. These small things can make a big change a little bit easier by taking away some of the ‘unknown’. We are also making some fun surprise gifts to take home as well as planning our graduation parties. Thank you all for an amazing and wonderful year!


This month we will celebrate 3 MAY & 5 JUNE & 3 JULY birthdays!

Aaron 5/20 Jameson 6/3 Quinn 7/15

Asher 5/26 Dixie 6/4 Stacy 7/25

Matthew 5/31 Ryleigh 6/20 Conrad 7/30

Tyler 6/22

Kaylin 6/25


Kindergarten Prep Tips:


Reading with your child(ren) every day, for a goal of 20 or more will help to support kindergarten and reading readiness. Homework for kindergarten and all other primary grades is 20 minutes.


Offer your child writing materials and ask them to write or draw about their favorite thing that happened… that day, in the story you read, when they visited a place… etc, don’t worry if it’s not legible or clear. Listen to what they tell you while they draw and use this to spark further conversations and plans.  Not only is this great practice in writing but in the power of reflection. When we spend time reflecting on our experiences we gain a deeper and more solidified understanding of the lessons learned from within that experience!


The most sought after skills that kindergarten teachers love to see are self-regulation skills! Ways to help your student build these challenging social emotional skills are;


-Listen when your child has a problem, without offering answers, wait and then ask “what could you/we do next?”


-When your child is upset, help build emotional awareness by naming emotions. “Wow! It looks like you might be feeling really frustrated about that, what might help you feel better?”


Jeslyn Reckinger