October Art News

Art Room Update


Fall has arrived! Artists have been busy in the art room creating incredible works of art.


Kindergarten- Lines: artists have been studying line in art and are transitioning into how artists use lines to create shapes.


1st grade- Leaf Study: artists are finishing their study of flowers and are beginning to study line, texture, and shape.


2nd grade- Special Place Paper Quilt Block: artists are completing their self-portraits and will soon begin creating special place paper quilt art, with a focus on the art of Faith Ringgold.


3rd grade- Vase with Flowers: artists observed and critiqued Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings that he created for his friend and roommate, Paul Gauguin. Artists then created an oil pastel drawing of a vase with flowers to show depth through the use of shading and the inclusion of a background.


4th grade- Landscape: artists studied how to create the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface through the use of size and overlap. They set out to create a landscape that demonstrates the understanding depth in a work of art.


5th grade- Observation Drawing: artists are finishing up observation drawings and are beginning to study mobiles and the art of Alexander Calder.



Mr. Kloser