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In an effort to empower students to find “good fit” books, we added Lexile color codes to Fall River Elementary library books.  This is an ongoing process but most Picture Books and Fiction Books have been Lexile color coded. Lexile Framework for Reading is a great program that connects students with books that are at their own appropriate reading level. To find out more about the books your student is interested in and whether they fit into their Lexile range go to  

At our school, this Lexile measurement is obtained through the iReady assessment. These measurements indicate a snapshot of reading comprehension that will change over time. iReady assessments are given throughout the school year.  Lexile ranges are provided by your classroom teachers and kept confidential.  Please ask your student’s teacher for their Lexile score and range.  Compare that figure with the colors that come home on their library books.

0-99               red

100-199         orange

200-299         yellow

300-399         dark green

400-499         dark blue

500-599         purple

600-699         bright pink

700-799         light green

800-899         light blue

900-above     white

Kinders are familiarizing themselves with good fit books. 1st-2nd grade have been working with the Hypars product showing color sequencing and making simple codes to represent these sequences. 3rd-5th grades have worked with the Hypars creating designs and then deconstructing these designs with algorithms.  Students are then sharing their algorithms with one another to see if they can reconstruct the design.

In attempt to make library research skills more relevant to students we will be incorporating more content/grade specific topics to research.  Most students have accessed Destiny (our cataloging system), SVVSD Digital Library (our ebook library) and World Book Online (our online encyclopedia).  Gale  and Kids Infobits research is next on the list.  The more they use these resources the easier it will be for them to connect with primary sources. 

Wishing you a healthy and happy Fall. ~ Mrs. Myhre

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