PTO May News

Teacher Appreciation Week     

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6. Please watch for flyer for activities your children can do throughout the week.  We will also send out volunteer opportunities for parents to show appreciation for our wonderful teachers!

PTO April News

Proposed Bond Agreement

Please come and vote at the April 11th PTO meeting (7 PM in the library) on PTO’s position on the proposed bond agreement our school board is considering.  Our school and district have been experiencing growth, and the bond could help address the issue related to this.  Assistant Superintendent Regina Renaldi and school board member Paula Peairs will be there to be able to answer any questions.


Carnival tickets and Volunteer signup will be sent out after spring break.

PTO March News

Thank You!                      

Thank you to everyone who was volunteered food and time for our conference meals!  The meals were wonderful and were a great success!  Also, thank you to everyone who filled out the survey the information received was very much valued and helpful.

PTO February News

Conference Meals

Parent/Teacher Conferences are February 3rd, 9th, and 11th. Fall River PTO always makes sure our teachers get a chance to eat dinner on those nights.

You can help by bringing something you’ve made at home, picking up takeout from your favorite restaurant, or just bringing in an ingredient from the grocery store. With a little something from each of us, we can make a huge difference for teachers on those very long (12 hour) conference days!

PTO January News

PTO Meeting

There will be no PTO meeting in January to allow parents/guardians time to fill out our first ever PTO parent-involvement survey.  The survey will be electronic--and brief!  We appreciate you taking the time to respond to this survey later in January so we can maximize chances for our school community members to be involved!

December PTO News

Teacher Profiles:

If you’re thinking of getting a gift for anyone at Fall River this month (or any time), take a look at the “Teacher Profiles” section of our website: where we’ve invited teachers to share some of their favorite things, likes, and dislikes.

Box Tops, Soup Labels, and Milk Caps:

PTO November News

Fox Trot                         

Thank you, everyone, for your tremendous support in our Fox Trot fundraiser! We have raised a record $34,616.44 this year.That money will pay for a huge range of programs from now through summer vacation. A complete copy of our budget is available at, but here are some of the big numbers (approximately):

  • Additional staff to help in every classroom ($9,200)

PTO October News

Fox Trot Fundraiser

Our annual Fox Trot race is here!


The Fox Trot fundraiser is how we pay for most of our programs and events all year. It’s the only time we ask for donations to support Fall River. Those donations help us provide field trip transportation, classroom supplies, childcare during parent/teacher conferences, and so much more. This year we’re even committed to funding more staff in Fall River’s classrooms!