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 Are Adult Arguments Hurting Our Children's Learning?

Jennifer Miller | Mar 5, 2018

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Start School With a Smile

By Dr. Charles Fay

At schools across America, teachers see two types of first–year students: one quickly adjusts to school and begins to enjoy it, the other cries each day at the door. By applying some easy–to–follow Love and Logic® guidelines, parents can help their youngsters belong to a very lucky group– students who start school with fun instead of fear.

Arrange a tour of your child's school before the year starts.

Counselor May News

7 essential emotional needs all parents need to know about

Mark Tyrrell

When you understand about people‟s basic emotional needs you can identify what might be likely to trigger challenging behaviour and what might actually help reduce challenging behaviour, and lead to a calmer environment generally.

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BY:  Kids in the House

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Defining Rude vs. Mean Bullying: Defining the Differences 

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As gratitude is about expressing your appreciation for what others do for you, what better time is there than the holidays to help your children understand and appreciate all you've done for them - and will continue to do?

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Calming Sibling Rivalry: Four Quick Tips