Running Club Totals 10/25

    1       25.90
    2       42.05
    3       12.49
    4        3.32
    5       29.72
    6       34.30
    7        3.14
    8       19.29
    9       23.01
   10       17.13

October Family Connections Newsletter

In this month's issue of the Family Connections Newsletter, we share strategies for helping kids maintain focus and other tips for parenting in a digital age.

Running Club Totals 10/4

    1       15.91
    2       21.63
    3        7.61
    4        1.75
    5       11.72
    6       16.04
    7        1.45
    8       10.85
    9        9.30
   10        9.26

Open House Dates 2019

Below are upcoming open house dates across the district. For questions regarding open houses or programming, please contact the schools directly. 

Middle School Open House Dates

October Library News

Hello from the Learning Lab! We have been reading, checking out books, and making lists of books we’d like to read this year. We also learned how to log on to the SVVSD Digital Library (Sora App) and check out books online too! The students can access the digital library from home devices as well. They use the same login as they would at school. They can check out 5 books online, as well as the ones they can check out here at school. When a book is checked out online, they usually have about 2 weeks to read it, and then the app turns the book back in automatically on the due date.

October Counselor News

October Art News

Art Room Update


Fall has arrived! Artists have been busy in the art room creating incredible works of art.


Kindergarten- Lines: artists have been studying line in art and are transitioning into how artists use lines to create shapes.


1st grade- Leaf Study: artists are finishing their study of flowers and are beginning to study line, texture, and shape.


October PTO News

PTO News ~ October 2019

Thank you all for making our 2019 Fox Trot a success!  It takes a lot of work to put together a fundraiser and we appreciate how everyone comes together for this important event! 

Prize day is coming up on Friday, October 4th - we still have need for volunteers for that day if you have the time.    For details visit or email us.

October Health Office News

Health Office Reminders:


October Music News