September Kitchen News

Welcome back!  We are looking forward to another year of providing yummy breakfasts and lunches for our Fox Friends.

It has been exciting to see all the students coming in ready to enjoy some food.

A few key items that we would like to touch base on.

* We offer a full salad bar to our students. Please encourage your child to grab a couple items,  especially if it is something new to them. I like to ask them to grab a few different colored veggies.

* Students must take 3 of 5 food components for a lunch to qualify by government standards as a meal.  Protein * Dairy * Grain * Fruit * Vegetable  Ideally,  they will choose 4 or 5 items.

*Alacarte, Second Serving

We have ala carte items available for students to purchase - if they have money on their account.

Water - $0.50

Capri Sun - $0.50

IntaJuice ‐ $1.75 (2nd/4th Wed starting in Sept)

Fruit/Veggie side $0.50

Second Entree Serving $1.75

Here is the link to our school menu.  The menu is interactive!  You can get the nutritional information for all the items that we serve.

Here are additional links that may be helpful, as well.

Put money on your child's account -

To apply for Free or Reduced Lunch -

Please be sure to check your child's lunch account.  A few students have outstanding balances that started accumulating from the start of school.

As a reminder, applications for Free and Reduced lunches must be submitted each school year.  The grace period for families that qualified last year expires on Sept. 26th.  September 27th,  lunch fees will revert to full price $3.25.  F/R applications can be filled out online (Quickest way! See link above) or paper forms are available in front or kitchen offices.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Fall River Kitchen Crew

Teresea Jones,  Kitchen Manager

Amanda Rodriguez

Sheila Hillis