February Art News

Art Room Update
For the past several years I have been creating online student art portfolios using
Artsonia.com. Artsonia manages student art portfolios in a safe and educational
manner, developing students’ pride and self-esteem, and involving parents and
relatives in arts education. We need your permission to post a digital portfolio of
your child’s artwork. Feel free to contact Mr. Kloser or Artsonia
(www.artsonia.com or 1-800-869-9974) to get your student’s code to view their
digital portfolio, and/or make their art visible to the public.
Kinder- Polar Bears and Northern Lights: artists are exploring are creating
polar bear drawings and exploring art making techniques with chalk.
1 st grade- Clay Pinch Pots: artists are learning about the ceramic process
and using a variety of art making techniques with clay to create pinch pots.
2 nd grade- Community Map Making: artists are studying map making, and
will collaborate with their peers to create a community map of a real or
imaginary place.
3 rd grade- Radical Relief Prints: artists are continuing the study of
printmaking, and will be creating a series of prints of a landscape or a
favorite place.
4 th grade- Coil Pots: artists are creating coil pots and learning about the ceramic
5 th grade- Clay Slab Creations: artists are learning about the ceramic
process and are creating a three dimensional work of art with clay slabs .
Thanks for your support,
Mr. Kloser
Art Teacher