Art November News

Art Room Update


It is hard to believe your students have completed the first trimester of school!

 Kinder- Fall Scarecrow Collage: artists have been exploring how to create scarecrow collages, using a variety of art making techniques.

1st grade- Fall Trees: artists discussed how leaves produce energy for trees and how trees store energy in their trunks and roots for the winter. They later looked at a variety of tree paintings by different artist and created their own fall tree works of art.

2nd grade- Special Place Paper Quilt Block: artists are continuing work on their special place paper quilt art, with a focus on the art of Faith Ringgold.

3rd grade- Falling Leaves Time: artists are beginning their printmaking unit with texture rubbings of leaves to create a paper collage.

4th grade- Shape Shifters/Tessellations: artists are beginning their tessellation art; they are focusing on transforming a geometric shape into an irregular shape that will fit together without gaps or overlaps to create a unique pattern.

5th grade- Making a Name for Yourself/Rotational Symmetry Designs: artists are studying rotational symmetry and creating a calligraphy tile using their names.


Mr. Kloser

Art Teacher