100 Mile Club

Welcome to December!  
This month we will be finishing up with our floor hockey/striking unit and starting another unit on striking...Pickle Ball!  As many of you know Pickle Ball is gaining popularity in Arizona and Florida. It is a combination of table tennis and regular tennis. How?  it is played on a court similar to a tennis court using a table tennis like paddle and a whiffle ball. You can really get your heart rate up with a little less pounding on your body that tennis imparts.
As always please help your child remember to bring their pe shoes the day after music and to keep an extra pair of socks in their desk. Finally I am still accepting new loaner shoe:)
100 Mile Club
We are really adding up those miles.  We have a number of kids over 75 miles logged already! If you are still interested in signing up your child I will always accept them to our club.  We run every morning, except Wednesdays, from 8:10 - 8:40.  Below you can see the updated totals.