Community Schools

Fall River Elementary is a Community School. This means that many after school activities will be available for your child. Announcements about classes and activities will be sent home and/or published in the newsletter. If you wish to schedule an event in our building, you must make arrangements through our Community School Site Program Manager, Nicole Hill 720-494-9878.

Discovery Den

Registration Fees:

  • Single Child: $50
  • Family: $75

Tuition Fees:
 (2 day a week minimum)
$35 per day w/preschool

$45 Discovery Den only
Parking Passes for Discovery Den parents are NOT available due to parking lot limitations. Between 8:30-3:45, Discovery Den parents will need to come to the main entrance to go to Discovery Den to sign in/out their kids. At all other times, please use the Discovery Den door.

Fox Den Child Care Program

The purpose of Fox Den before and after school child care program is to offer quality care within the school building. Fox Den is held in the Fall River Elementary School cafeteria and gym. Our program provides a safe, structured and positive environment that allows children to be creative, sociable and happy!
At Fox Den, we recognize the importance of providing a quality, nurturing child care experience for your children. We realize that parents are looking for opportunities for their children to learn and play in a safe and welcoming environment. Fox Den is offered under the direction of Nicole Hill, Community Schools Site Program Manager, and is licensed through the Colorado Department of Human Services for children ages 5-12.
We are open from 7:00-8:55 am before school and then again from 3:25-6:00 pm after school.
We also offer child care on Late Start days from 7:00-11:25 am.
Registration can be picked up and dropped off at Fall River Elementary School in the front office.
Fox Den Registration Fees:

  • Single Child: $50
  • Family: $75

Tuition Fees:

  • 7:00-8:55 AM Full Time 5 days a week: $65
  • 3:25-6:00 PM Full Time 5 days a week: $65
  • 7:00-8:55 AM Anything Less than 5 days a week: $15/Day
  • 3:25-6:00 PM Anything Less than 5 days a week: $15/Day
  • Late Start Only (First Wednesday or each month): $25/Day for Non-Members, $10/Day Members