February STEM News

  • 5th Grade Math classes learned how to program the new Edison Robots.  At the end of the 55-minute session students could program their robots to drive a straight line, go through a maze, and follow a circle.  5th Grade Science classes took on a Bioengineering simulation to clean-up a toxic environmental spill by creating a “new” bacterium by mixing characteristics from other bacteria.  They also made their own genetic characteristic bracelet with each color bead representing things like dimples, clef chin, eye color, right or left handedness and so on.  Ask your student about why it is very important to floss their teeth every single day.  My dentist suggests only flossing the ones you want to keep!
  • Kindergartners learned to program Bee Bots to the point of writing the program for their neighbors to try.  They also played with and learned how to make a Cubelet Robot follow and roll away from their hand.  They also used ZomeTool sticks and balls as a great way to practice with numbers and engineering objects.
  • 3rd Grade students in Mrs. Schluckebier class are working with 3 kinds of robots; the Edison, Sphero, and BeeBot robots comparing what they can and cannot do.  The programming is very different for each robot yet the students have breezed through learning each one and mastering the robot’s movement to complete different tasks.  Finally, all 3D printed objects the 3rd grades designed have been printed and will be coming home soon.  The 3D printer wore out one of its parts and was out of commission for a short time. Stephanie Nieuwlandt came to the rescue with her superior engineering and mechanical skills and singlehandedly replaced the complicated part, fixing the 3D printer! Thank you, Ms. Steph!

Phyllis Ashe

STEM Coordinator