Cafeteria October News

Since we don’t have late start on October 3rd, please come join us for Breakfast at 8:20am to 8:45am. Hope to see you there!

Your Fall River kitchen staff

Art October News

Fall has arrived! Artists have been busy in the art room creating incredible works of art.

Kindergarten- Artists have been studying line in art and are transitioning into how artist create patterns using line and texture.

1st grade- Line Art and Shape: artists are finishing their study of how artist use line to show energy and movement in a work of art and beginning to examine the art of Henri Matisse and how he used shape to create art.

Student Council October News

Student Council is in full swing!  We voted in new officers in September.  Mrs. Staples and Mrs. Witko were so proud and amazed at the quality, and thoughtfulness of the speeches that were given. Our new President is Ava Rojas, Vice-President is Alder Cahill, Treasurer is Molly Macias, and Secretary is Brynn McIntosh. 

We have also launched our first spirit week and are now gearing up for the Halloween Dance Party on Friday, October 26.

Go Foxes!

Library October News

Hello from the Learning Lab!  Come stop by our Usborne Book Fair going on Oct 1-5!  

Music October News

The KidZing Chorale will continue rehearsing on ALL Tuesday mornings from

Superintendent Update - Advancing the Future

It has been an outstanding start to the 2018-2019 academic year and I want to express my deep appreciation to our community for your continued partnership and support in advancing student achievement. In Colorado and across the United States, St. Vrain Valley Schools is leading the conversation on how to build a highly-successful public education system that is not only giving our students a strong competitive advantage for their future success, but also having a significant impact on the economic growth and overall health of our community.

Community Schools September News

Please join me in welcoming Liz Hanscome, as the new Community Schools Enrichment Coordinator for Fall River. Liz worked previously in the district as an instructional paraprofessional at Northridge, and as a camp director at Mead Elementary. Liz is planning on offering some fun and exciting before and after schools classes for us.  Liz has prepared an interest survey for students and parents.

State of St. Vrain - Fall Community Forums

St. Vrain Valley Schools is one of the fastest growing and most innovative school districts in the nation. This is a result of strong leadership and a commitment to strengthening infrastructure, technology, high-quality instruction and overall student achievement.
This success is also built upon interconnected partnerships with our teachers, staff, students, parents, business and corporate partners, and elected officials. As St.

STEM September News

We are in the process of hiring our new STEM Coordinator...check back next month for their first newsletter!


PTO September News

Welcome back to Fall River for the 2018/2019 school year!  September is chock full of events  - we’ve listed some of the  highlights below.  For more details, join us on our PTO FaceBook page,  visit or email us directly.

-Gina Tajchman/ President,

-Rachel VanSambeek/Vice-President   -Kimberly Kozma/Treasurer   -Carina Lindsay/ Secretary