Running Club Totals for 10/05

 1        4.00
    2        6.50
    3       10.25
    4       19.00
    5       11.50
    6       14.75
    7        2.25
    8       14.71
    9        4.00
  101       16.25
  102       17.50

STEM October News

Please welcome our new STEM Coordinator, Phyllis Ashe!

Preschool October News

Our preschool world got turned upside down again, as we welcomed in the new teacher, Mrs. Jeslyn and said “see you later” to our favorite sub Mrs. Hufford.

Principal October News

Dear Fall River Families,

Community Schools October News

Enrichment: Mark Your calendar Halloween Dance Party October 26th!!

Health Office October News

Recently notices were sent out to students that have non-compliant immunizations.  Please send in updated copies of immunizations when you receive them.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Bettencourt. 

100 Mile Club October News

Parent Directions to the online link:

Counselor October News

 Are Adult Arguments Hurting Our Children's Learning?

Jennifer Miller | Mar 5, 2018

PTO October News

Thank you all for making our 2018 Fox Trot a success! It takes a lot of work to put together
a fundraiser and we appreciate how everyone comes together for this important event!
Prize day is coming up on Friday, October 5th - we still have need for volunteers that day if
you have the time. For details visit or email us.
-Gina Tajchman/ President,
-Rachel VanSambeek/Vice-President -Kimberly Kozma/Treasurer -Dani Henrie/ Secretary

GT October News

3rd-5th grade students who were nominated for GT will be assessed in October.  Be on the look out for information from Mrs. Whisman about before school GT groups.

Kindergarten-2nd grade GT assessments are in January. Their before school GT groups will start in February.
Below are a couple of parent opportunities for those that are interested:

October 2, 2018   6:30-7:30 p.m.