Community Schools September News

FOX DEN: Before-and After-School Care

STEM September News

Hello Fall River Families,

I am happy to be returning to Fall River as STEM Coordinator.  I will be here half-time, even though our Race to the Top grant has ended.  St. Vrain Valley School District and Fall River want to continue to offer students innovative STEM and design experiences across grade levels in many contexts.

Cafeteria September News

We are so glad to be back and getting back into the swing of things! It is really fun for us to see how much the kids have grown and changed over the summer....some of them taller than us already! So there are a few things that we would like to tell you about. Inta juice will start in September and the dates for that will be the 13th and the 27th. We will offer it 2 times a month and it is an ADDITIONAL cost to the price of lunch. They did not go up this year, they will still be 1.50 each.

Health Office September News


Any medication, prescription or over-the-counter medication, to be
administered to a student by delegated staff during the school day or during
school related activities, must include a doctor’s order (MD, DO,DDS, NP, or PA)
and parent’s permission on the Permission to Medicate form. Only a delegated
staff member, or the District RN, may administer the above medications.
Exceptions to the policy are:

PTO September News

A further welcome from your PTO board!  Hopefully you were able to read through our newsletter in your packet of back-to-school papers.  Fall River PTO recently launched our own Facebook group.  To join, just search “Fall River PTO” on Facebook, hit Join Group, and answer the membership eligibility question.  In order to help protect our students’ privacy, we want to be sure that every member of this closed group is connected to a current FRES student.  We hope that this will be a convenient way for people of keep updated on PTO a

100 Mile Club September News

In order to increase moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) outside of the school day, Fall River will be offering our 100 Mile Club again this year. As 100 Mile Club participants, students can track the miles they walk or run during 100 Mile Club designated time at school, during special recess days, and at 100 Mile Club sanctioned community events. This allows ALL students to participate and is a great way to combine all of their activity towards a common goal—walking or running 100 miles during the school year.

Student Council September News

It is so wonderful to be back at school again and Mrs. Carlander and Mrs. Buchtel are super excited to get Student Council going for our third year. The following students were chosen last spring to be our newest members. We would like to welcome them all.

Counselor September News

Library September News

We are off to a great start in the library.  Students are checking out books and becoming accustomed to our new technology routine.  September we begin our center focused activities.  All students will work at centers except preschoolers.  These centers will focus on coding, applications, design thinking and library skills.  Students are using the design thinking process to develop a new name for our library space. Stay tuned for these results.

GT September News

Each year schools in St. Vrain Valley School District complete a process to identify students in grades K-12 who demonstrate exceptional ability or performance in one or more academic areas and may therefore qualify for Gifted/Talented educational services.  These students perform at least two years above grade level in their strength area(s) and require additional academic challenges in order to support their continued educational growth and progress.  In addition, they usually demonstrate characteristics of unique creativity and high motivation in their strength areas.