Running Club Totals 2/7

    1       43.69
    2       85.66
    3       12.56
    5       69.09
    6       64.96
    8       44.77
    9       53.79
   10       22.27
   11       41.42
   12       69.85

February Music News


February Learning Lab News

Hello from the Learning Lab! We have been working a little more with coding and keyboarding lately...the students are getting pretty good at both! In the coming weeks, we will be focusing more on reading for fun. I’m giving the students more time to check out their books, find books they are interested in, and some extra quiet reading time. I love seeing their excitement when a book comes in they’ve been wanting, or when they’ve found a new series they like! I’ll be sending home overdue book notices soon.

February Community Schools News

Hello Fall River Families!


February Health Office News

Health Office Reminders:


February PTO News

PTO News ~ February 2020

We hope 2020 is treating you well so far!  As we get closer to Spring, the PTO at Fall River  starts to get busier each week.  Please let us know if you would like to help out!

-Gina Tajchman/ President,

-Rachel VanSambeek/Vice-President   -Kimberly Kozma/Treasurer   -Dani Henrie & Michaela Aiken/ Co-Secretaries


February Art News

Art Room Update
For the past several years I have been creating online student art portfolios using Artsonia manages student art portfolios in a safe and educational
manner, developing students’ pride and self-esteem, and involving parents and
relatives in arts education. We need your permission to post a digital portfolio of
your child’s artwork. Feel free to contact Mr.

February STEM News

February Student Council News

February Counselor News

Teaching Our Kids to Not Interrupt