Fall River Elementary School Newsletter

Counselor News

Hello Fall River Parents!
Self-reflective parents are the best parents. I feel it is never too early to start thinking about how you are
currently setting the stage for your child’s teenage years. Most parents of teenagers describe the
transition as happening “in the blink of an eye”.

Library March News

Hello from the Learning Lab!
We have started our schoolwide reading challenge and the kids are doing AWESOME! Every book they
finish, they can fill out an owl or a lightning bolt…this includes their name, the title of the book, and how
many stars they would give it. Then I tape it on our “Harry Potter quote wall”…once we fill that up, we
earn a library party! We have yet to decide what that all entails, but it will be a celebration of all the
books they’ve read.

STEM March News

STEM at Fall River
March News
STEM Lunch students discovered the career area of Bioengineers through a simulation creating
a custom bacterium for an environmental clean-up. The teams were given a realistic scenario
where a food producing factory was contaminated with a pesticide that could not be washed
down the drain, thus contaminating the water system.