STEM November News

  • 4th and 5th Grades are taking the Moose in Rocky Mountain National Park design challenge to a writing level.  They are reading three different perspectives of whether or not to reintroduce wolves into the park.  The moose are overgrazing the wild willow tress creating an environmental imbalance.  Reintroducing wolves back into RMNP would be one way to help control the moose population.  The three perspectives are from the point of view of the Ranchers, the Citizens, and RMNP.  Students will choose a perspective and write an opinion piece on this topic which has ignited deep interest and motivation.


  • Kindergarten classes went outside for a shape scavenger hunt using their iPads to photograph their finds and share them with the class.  Students worked in pairs and found all of the shapes they learned in class.  In November kindergarten will be introduced to the design challenge method of problem solving.  The first challenge will define empathy for Baby Bear in the Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Building a new chair for Baby Bear is the challenge for the build.   First and second grade classes will also be working on similar design challenges using this same method of group problem solving. The components of this method will be a good review for t1st and 2nd grade levels and include these steps:



  • Third grade students will work on 3D printing using TinkerCad, an online computer-aided design program that is very user friendly for kids. All third- grade classes will design, modify, and eventually print a 3D object with Fall River’s 3D printer.  Students will work in groups to design a logo for their group’s theme. After each student creates a design using TinkerCad, they will then choose one of the designs to modify and print it.