STEM November News

STEM at Fall River

Hello, my name is Phyllis Ashe and I would like to introduce myself to you as the new STEM Coordinator at Fall River Elementary School. Briefly, my background is in elementary teaching, Outreach science workshop leader from CU Boulder, and as a Talented and Gifted Advisor in BVSD.  Since my hiring in late September I have started teaching short STEM  lessons focusing on science, weekly in Kindergarten and first grade.  Third grade will begin learning TinkerCad, a programming application 3D design, electronics and coding for use with the 3D printer.  The 5th grade classes worked with Waves in Earth Science where they learned about seismic waves and earthquakes.  The hands-on activities included a rudimentary seismograph and actually measuring the 3 different kinds of waves: Surface, Compression and Transverse, with Slinkies.  Before the end of the second trimester, I plan to deliver some sort of STEM activity in each grade level at Fall River. 
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