STEM February News

STEM at Fall River




This first day of February students made Fall River’s 3D printer come alive.  After working on the 3D TinkerCad program, 3rd grade students were challenged to make a logo design for their team of 3 classmates. Each team then had to choose one design for the entire group.  Today one group in Mrs. Trembly’s class brought the 3D Printer to life with their creation.  All of the final logo designs will be on display for STEM Night on March 21st


Speaking of STEM Night at Fall River, parents in the STEM careers are needed to volunteer for the Hall of STEM Careers on March 21st.  Parents and Community members having occupations in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math are invited to submit an idea on presenting in the Hall of STEM Careers during STEM Night.  If you are interested please contact your STEM Coordinator, Phyllis Ashe, for more information and how to participate in this fun and exciting evening at Fall River.


Fourth grade classes have taken on TinkerCad in conjunction with their space science unit.  Students are catching on quickly to this program where they will eventually create original designs for their final space science unit projects.  There are several TinkerCad design challenges to be fulfilled before they will be ready to begin the final project culminating the space science unit.


Kindergartners have discovered Cubelets, modular robotic blocks that transform when clicked together. No coding or wiring needed and there is no “wrong” way to construct a robot with Cubelets.  The kindergartners creative arrangement of the cubes results in new robotic behavior be it sound, lights blinking or wheels moving.  Each week during STEM lessons Kindergartners have been discovering many different ways to build a Cubelets Robot!


First grades have enjoyed their STEM lessons so much last semester, they will continue in the new year.  This week students got to wear goggles and discuss how science tools are used in the lab. 


STEM Lunch will begin next week with 5th grade students during Wednesday lunch.  These students will also be part of STEM Night at Fall River serving as Ambassadors to greet presenters and help with directing participants to all the different activities throughout the school.