Preschool News

February Preschool Newsletter

February 2019

Wow! It is February already! We have recently completed our formal assessments and the first part of this busy month will be full of parent teacher conferences with lots of fun talking about all the projects the students have been engaged in. To add even more excitement, we will be planning and hosting Saint Valentine’s day parties! The students have already begun the planning process with a idea web of all the things we will need to make/do to get ready for the parties.


This month we will celebrate 4 birthdays this month:

Charlee - 2/11

Charlie - 2/12

Elaina - 2/24

Willow - 2/26


The conversations born out of our comprehensive study of The Mitten & HOME books have created opportunities for us to take our home addresses and map them on google maps, draw our own maps, and spurred the start of weekly journal entries to practice our writing skills and record our journey. We are excited and anticipating that this study will continue to evolve in some great ways. Further, we have begun home and structure designing and prototyping in both in small and large scales with our building areas and large cardboard boxes. This is a large STEM project that will continue through the end of the month. Our work with measuring is now visible in our hallway display! Finally, we are also going to be working on a stained glass project for our room display.


To support this home study, we could use boxes (of all sizes, but the bigger the better), tubes (cardboard, or plastic), Carpet rolls, wrapping paper tubes, pieces of wood, large pieces of cloth, and other materials that can be used to build or create.