Cafeteria November News

We can’t believe it’s already November! Just want to remind you we have a couple new recipes we are trying and we would love your student's feedback. Please feel free to send us an email.

Principal November News

Dear Fall River Families,

Music November News


The KidZing Chorale will continue rehearsing on ALL Tuesday mornings from

GT November News

GT Equations class will be starting on Monday November 12th in Mrs. Whisman's room. Please watch for the invite in this week's Friday Folders. This is only for fourth and fifth graders.

Preschool November News

November 2018

Health Office November News

As the cold weather approaches, we ask that you consider donating warm kids clothes to our school. These donations will be used for students that need a change of clothing in the event they have an accident while at school. Thank you for your generosity and any warm clothing you can spare.

Community School November News

Hello everyone!

STEM November News

STEM at Fall River

Counselor November News

Running Club Totals for 10/26

    1        7.05
    2       10.73
    3       15.85
    4       32.45
    5       15.55
    6       24.60
    7       10.25
    8       20.85
    9        6.50
  101       26.55
  102  &n