December STEM News

  • Design challenges were taken on by 1st and 2nd grade students. Understanding empathy as the focus, as well as working together and preserving through difficulty, students were tasked with making a chair for Baby Bear from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The challenge: make a chair out of 4 pieces of paper, masking tape, stands 3 inches tall, and holds Baby Bear for 5 seconds.  Check Seesaw for pictures of the successful chairs made by the diligent teams of first and second grade students.  The robots are coming in December for 1st and 2nd grades.


  • Kindergartners worked with the initial lessons of programming Bee Bots.  They made paths out of straws and programmed the Bee Bots to follow making turns and judging distance of travel.  The students then wrote a program for each other, first using arrow cards, then drawing arrows as code on the Bot Program Plan Sheet and exchanged them with neighboring pairs.  The response was impressive as students seemed to easily rise to the challenge. They will continue to work with Bee Bots in December.


  • 4th and 5th Grade classes finished writing essays after the Moose in Rocky Mountain National Park challenge and in December are looking forward to working with the Edison and Sphero Robots.  


  • 3rd Graders will finish programming their 3D design projects and print them before the Winter Break.


Phyllis Ashe

STEM Coordinator