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Art Room Update




For the past several years I have been creating online student art portfolios using  Artsonia manages student art portfolios in a safe and educational manner, developing students’ pride and self-esteem, and involving parents and relatives in arts education. We need your permission to create a digital portfolio of your child’s artwork. Be sure to check you student Friday folders for the permission slips, contact Artsonia, and check out what you child has been creating in the art studio! 


Whats happening in the art studio:


 Kinder- Self Portraits: artists have been exploring how to create a drawing of themselves, using a variety of art making techniques. 


1st grade- Falling Leaves: artists discussed how leaves produce energy for trees and how trees store energy in their trunks and roots for the winter. They later explored fall colors/warm colors and created drawings of leaves through observation.


2nd grade- Special Place Paper Quilt Block: artists are continuing work on their special place paper quilt art, with a focus on the art of Faith Ringgold.


3rd grade- Falling Leaves Time: artists are finishing up their observation drawings of leaves and are beginning their printmaking unit. 


4th grade- Shadow Tracings: artists are finishing up their shadow tracings by applying the elements and principles of art to their drawings. 


5th grade- Mobile Makers: artists are studying the art of Alexander Calder, and creating mobiles, with a focus on shape, balance and kinetic energy.


Thanks for your support,


Mr. Kloser

Art Teacher