School Committees

Safety Team

Our Safety Team is responsible for reviewing and maintaining school safety. This includes drill procedures, building safety issues, and crisis planning/support. This team is made up of the school secretary, principal, health clerk, physical education teacher, and 1-2 teacher representatives.

Management Team

Our Management team is responsible for providing input and feedback to the principla for procedural/building management issues. This team is made up of 1 teacher from each grade level, the community schools coordinator, dean, and 1 special teacher.

Principal Advisory Comittee (PAC)

This team is drawn from the management team. This smaller team is responsible for working with the principal in a small group planning setting to solve more complex procedural/building management issues. They report their conclusions to the Management Tea, who then give the final input to the principal. This team is made up of the Manegement Team chair, dean, principal, and 1-2 Management Team members (primary/intermediate.)

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) Team

Our PBS Team is responsible for monitoring and maintaining our PBS System and providing input and feedback for the principal regarding student behavior/discipline issues. This team reviews SWIS behavior data and helps lead implementation of our ROCKS Behavior Matrices. This team is generally made up of 1 teacher from each grade level, the principal, 1 specials teacher, and the school counselor.

Design (PLC) Team

Our design team is responsible for planning our Late Start PLC Meetings, providing input to the principal for planning faculty meetings (Professional Development and Staff Meetings), and for acting as the Instructional Leadership Team. The Instructional Leadership responsibilities include monitoring and planning support for implementation of district curriculum, school-specific cyrriculum, and other instructional issues/needs. This team is also responsible for meeting the requirements of the new professional development/collaboration times as described in the 2013/2014 master agreement. This team is made up of 1 teacher from each grade level, the principal, Literacy Coordinator, and 1 specials teacher.

Focus Team

Our Focus Team is responsible for investigating and planing any potential school-wide focus. The team is generally made up of the principal, classified staff members, and certified staff members. Parent participation may occur as needed.

Accountability Team

The Accountability Team is an opportunity for parents and community members to have a voice in the continuous school improvement process. This team of volunteers meets with a teacher representative and the building principal 4-6 times per year to review school data, including climate surveys and achievement testing results.  Members of the team learn about the continuous school improvement process as well as the progress of the students at FRES, and offer insight and feedback.  Members serve two years on a rotating basis, so 1-2 seats are open at the beginning of each school year.  Many members have also served as PTO board members and on district-level accountability and leadership committees.  The Accountability Team is an excellent way for members of the Fall River community to help us continue to achieve our very best.