PBIS Matrix

Getting Started with the PBIS Home Matrix


This Positive Behavior Interventions and Support home matrix can help you to increase your child’s positive behaviors in your home.  As a student at Fall River, your child is already familiar with the Positive Behavior Support R.O.C.K.S. behavior expectations.  Why not build upon what your child is using at school? 

Here’s how it works:  In each box decide what desirable behavior you would like to see in each specific setting.  For example, on the left column under Positive Attitude, follow over to the first box on the right under “Morning Routine”.  What does respect look like as you are getting up in the morning?  Is it getting up for school on time?  Or perhaps it is being polite in the morning?  This matrix can be a powerful tool in discussing expectations as a family. 


This clearly defines for your child exactly which behaviors are expected in each environment of the home.  We have filled in the boxes on the left using ROCKS since Fall River uses “ROCKS” for our behavior expectations, but you may modify the titles as you see necessary for your home.    After the boxes are filled in, put this in a central location in your home to remind all members of the family of the agreed upon expectations.  Every time you notice your child “doing it right” or meeting an agreed upon expectation, be sure to recognize the child right away.  (Often a simple smile and “thanks for ___” is perfect.)


If you would like further instructions or examples on how this matrix can work for you and your family, please contact me call at julien_susan@svvsd.org 

PBIS Home Matrix