Group Counseling

Small Group Counseling

Group topics change every year, because I design the groups around student need. I am a teacher at heart, and structure the groups around teaching specific social skills. I work hard to make the groups light and fun for kids.  Here is a list of possible group topics I have going on at any given time.

Family Changes: Parents divorcing or separating?  You are not the only one! I hold these groups during lunch time, so we listen and share while we enjoy lunch together.

Far-Away Parents:  If you have a parent who is away for any reason, including jail, military, living in another state.

Anger Groups: Work with others and learn to control your anger.

Friendship/Social Skills: Learn how to make and keep friends, how to be a good friend, how to recognize when relationships are unhealthy, how do handle disagreements, and diffuse confrontation. 

Impulse Control: Learn to think about how your behavioral choices will effect those around you, and how to control your impulses!

All About Me:  Learn how to feel better about yourself, recognize your strengths and be proud of who you are.

Standing Up!:  Learn how to deal with teasing, disagreements, confrontation and stand up for yourself!

Grief: If you lost someone, learn the 5 stages of grief, and learn coping strategies.

Study Skills: Learn “best-bet” strategies for succeeding in school.

Groups usually run for 6-8 weeks and are sessions are held for approximately 25-30 minutes once a week.