Counseling: About Me

About Me

Susan Julien, M. Ed.

Susan was born and raised in Colorado. She lives with her husband and two boys, ages 15 and 11.
She was a middle school math teacher for 9 years, and has been the school counselor at Fall River for 9 years.
Susan has earned a B.S. in Psychology (C.U. Boulder), a teaching certification (C.U. Boulder)
and a masters in school counseling K-12 (UOP).



A School Counselor is an Educator who...

• Advocates for all students at the school.

• Provides Individual and Small Group Counseling.

• Provides behavioral interventions to help struggling students be more successful.

• Works with teachers and parents to support the unique needs of students.

• Provides classroom guidance.

• Helps in identifying academic and social/emotional needs of children.

• Helps children understand themselves and others.

• Provides information about community resources that would benefit children.

• Provides parents with resources, parenting solutions and information.

What might a student do in the counselor’s office?

•Talk about things that are important to children

•Learn new strategies for problem solving

•Listen to and support peers

•Use puppets to help express feelings and problems

•Talk about feelings

•Learn new social skills

•Role play to rehearse and practice new skills.

What might a student talk about while in the counselor’s office?

•Scale their feelings (using a scale of 1-10)

•Discuss the 3 main areas of their lives; (school, home and friends)

•Discuss self-perceptions

•Discuss challenges with friends

•Discuss a fear or worry

•Discuss a physical concern

Why might a parent visit with the school counselor?

•To discuss any issue with their child (at home, school, or with friends).