Attendance Information

Family trips are not considered excused absences UNLESS parents arrange with the principal in advance. The principal will require that your child completes any make up work the teacher feels is necessary, plus does a special project to share what s/he learned from the trip. This project can be turned in to the teacher or done as a class presentation—this is at the discretion of the teacher, based on the kiddo, trip and grade level.

Therefore, until your child returns from the trip and completes these requirements, and the teacher notifies the principal/attendance clerk of the completion, the absences will be marked unexcused.

Once the requirements are met, it will be changed to excused. The maximum days that can be excused are five.

Please be aware that regardless of this arrangement, after 7 absences in a trimester, or 13 absences in a year, all further absences may be considered unexcused, unless there is medical or legal documentation. 

For extended trips, it is imperative to meet with the principal and teacher in advance.

Please refer to our handbook for more details concerning our attendance.