Parent/Teacher Conferences

A question always arises from some parents regarding requests for separate/additional conferences for parents that are divorced or separated. While we realize a common conference time may raise some anxiety for parents in this situation, we feel the benefits of coming together for your children are far more beneficial.

It is critical that our teachers be able to give the very same information to both of you, and doing that at one conference rather than two eliminates the possibility of miscommunication. Your joint presence and common support of your child is a gift that only you as parents can give to them.

Therefore, because of our belief, we will be having one conference per family. We are asking that both parents agree on that time before arranging a conference with your child’s teacher. The only exception to this would be if there is a restraining order or court documents confirming the need to meet separately. While we realize that some teachers have made accommodations in the past, issues continue to rise that have led to our staff putting this policy into place.

The school counselor and/or principal would be happy to sit in on any of these meeting if you choose. We look forward to meeting with parents and students in this upcoming conference and are excited to share their progress with you.

Thanks for your understanding!