STEM October News

Students will have the chance to experience prototyping and giving feedback on a variety of subjects using HyPars curved building toys for play, education and imagination.  We will be working with HyPars in the Learning Lab (formerly known as the library!), in classes and with students in the STEM Student Leadership group.  HyPars were represented at our last Family STEM Night and will be with us again for our Family STEM Night in the spring.

STEM Student Leadership will be up and running in the near future.  Staff have submitted their nominations and we are speaking with students to see if they are interested and able to attend meetings.  This group helps test new materials, gathers data from students and families and supports Family STEM Night, among other duties. 

Our Learning Lab is host to many different STEM/Design stations, as well as reading and research topics.  Students get to use instructional technology to create presentations and collaborate together, experience coding and elements of computer science and participate at a tinkering table. 

Thank you for your students!


Helen Douglass

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