STEM May News

Hello Fall River Families,

Students and staff continue to work on collaboration and design across many subjects.  Please read a few highlights of what our community is doing in STEM!

Stop Motion Animation

Mrs. Trembly’s class worked with stop-motion animation.  They used iPads and had students from the Innovation Center work with them on creating video projects.  Mrs. Julien has also worked with stop-motion animation in her work with students.

Learning Technology Plan

Fall River has a Trail Blazers team to help transition our students and staff to our inclusion in the St. Vrain Valley School District’s Learning Technology Plan (LTP). The LTP includes technology hardware and devices, but also how to include parents and the community in learning, how to be a safe digital citizen and other topics.  To learn more, check out the video and resources by clicking here.  We have had many mobile devices from our participation in the Race to the Top (RTTT) grant that are now being issued through the LTP.  As our RTTT devices age out of service, we will be looking at ways to replenish these devices, along with what the LTP provides.  

Earth Day

The city of Longmont provided many Earth Day activities for families to attend.  We hope you found time to take part in some of these events to raise awareness of sustainable practices and enjoy the Earth!

Pre-School and Recycling

Our pre-school students’ “Student Powered Project” was learning and teaching about recycling.  They taught the whole school about what can and can’t be recycled and used green screen technology to show our community what life would be like with more and more trash accumulating.  The students also were featured in the Week of the Young Child event SVVSD sponsors.  Way to go pre-school! 

Maker Space

5th grade teachers have used the maker space to help with designing and creating models for science and social studies subjects.  Students have created body systems, exploring ships that withstand an ocean voyage and communities of the future.  The maker space is used by all students and teachers at Fall River.  We also use the space for community schools’ classes. 

Thank you for your children!

Dr. Douglass

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