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Hello Fall River Families!


Congratulations to three Fall River robotics teams on their qualification for the State Robotics Tournament!  Join us March 3 at Trail Ridge Middle School beginning at 10:15 to see our students compete!  Thank you to Mr. Medlock and all the parents and students involved in our robotics program! Good luck on Saturday.

Family STEM Night

Come join us for Family STEM Night, Tuesday, March 20th from 6-7 pm.  We will have hands-on exhibits from friends and family of the Fall River Community and see work the students have done in their year-long Student Powered Projects! Please contact Dr. Douglass or Dr. Guthals if you would like to share your STEM/Design work or hobby!

Engineering Week

Once again, our 5th grade students were able to attend IBM Engineering Week at the Longmont/Boulder campus.  Students participated in hands-on engineering activities with IBM staff.  Thank you to Mr. McKell for being our sponsor!  At Fall River, many classes are working in the Fox Forge (Maker Space) on engineering projects in all their classes!

Recycle Contest

Students at Fall River will have an opportunity to participate in a recycle contest and learn about reducing, reusing and recycling from Eco-Cycle!  Thanks to our pre-school students for teaching us all how to recycle.  They will be sharing their work at our Family STEM Night, along with all other grades, too!  

Student Powered Projects

Students have worked all year on asking questions and creating projects to help the community.  These projects are inclusive of all students in each grade level. Student Powered Projects will be displayed during Family STEM Night.  These projects use design thinking, STEM integration, and help the community.  They also connect to our Fall River mission statement. In case you haven’t seen the mission statement in a while it is here for you to read.

Fall River is a collaborative STEM community inspiring curiosity, empathy, and innovation by integrating authentic problem-solving to mentor the leaders of tomorrow. 

Thank you for your children!

Dr. Helen Douglass

720-652-7920 x22513

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