STEM April News


April News


STEM Night at Fall River was a huge success.  Parents and students filled the school to see all the projects and speakers.  The Library was filled to capacity with everyone eager to here from Billy Kozma and his amazing radio demonstration, CU Engineering and their 3D printer, NCAR and the cool imagery, the ZomeTool play area, and the 3rd and 4th Grade’s own 3D printed projects on display.  Thank you so much for your attendance and enthusiasm for Fall River’s STEM Night!


Fifth Grade classes have joined the 3D printing interest group by learning TinkerCad, the 3D design program most middle schools use for 3D printing projects.  Fifth grade students will have a bit of a head start in learning TinkerCad.  Returning from Spring break, they will begin the Design Project of designing molecules as part of the Chemistry Unit or a group Logo project, all to be sent to the 3D printer to be printed.  The lessons in TinkerCad have led them to be able to develop and print their projects.  A big feat indeed.


Second grade will continue their collaborative activities using robots.  They have about finished with Cubelets.  The 2nd Grade teams have been working well together especially with solving 6 ways to make Cubelet Robots do different things like follow your hand, find an edge, rotate around, and crawl forward.   All teams were successful in collaborating to find all 6 solutions to this design project while working out the solutions in a very short period of time. 


First Grade will continue with Science and Technology lessons back to once per week instead of every other week.  With the upper grades testing during most of April, first grade will receive STEM lessons on a regular basis during April.  They too have been introduced to the many different ways that Cubelets interact and have had practice in taking turns, working in teams, and solving design challenges using collaborative methods. 


STEM Lunch will continue through April in the Kindergarten room during 5th grade lunch periods.  Several students from STEM Lunch group helped families find their way around all the exhibits during STEM Night.  A big thank you to all those students who participated. 


Thank you again for all of your support for STEM Night at Fall River.  The speakers in the library were very impressed with the enthusiastic interests and sophisticated questions parents and students had for them.  The Exhibitors thoroughly enjoyed presenting at Fall River!


Phyllis Ashe

STEM Coordinator

Fall River Elementary

720-652-7920, Ext. 22513