PTO November News

Fox Trot                         

Thank you, everyone, for your tremendous support in our Fox Trot fundraiser! We have raised a record $34,616.44 this year.That money will pay for a huge range of programs from now through summer vacation. A complete copy of our budget is available at, but here are some of the big numbers (approximately):

  • Additional staff to help in every classroom ($9,200)

  • Field trip buses for every student ($6,600)

  • $100 for each classroom ($5,400)

  • Academic programs like Handwriting Without Tears ($6,500)

  • Teacher Appreciation Week ($2,000)

  • And much, much more

Fall Cleanup Day

Our annual Fall Cleanup Day is coming up on November 6th right after school. We’ll be picking up trash, trimming trees, sweeping up pine needles, and doing whatever we can make to make our school look great for another year.

Kids are welcome and encouraged to attend, but please accompany them. We have jobs even young children can do (like sweeping up needles) but we also have very big cutting tools, so supervision is important!

We’ll Bring: Pizza, snacks, and drinks for everyone plus prizes to give away to students who are helping.

You’ll Bring: Yourself (no need to sign up, just meet us by the front door after school) and any gardening tools you happen to have — gardening gloves, brooms, pruning tools, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and anything else you’d use around the yard. (If you don’t have anything, come anyway! We’ll have plenty to share.)

Halloween Candy

We know kids tend to end up with candy they don’t really want after Halloween (not to mention the candy parents don’t want them to have)!

If you do have some extra candy, please bring it to Fall River on Monday and drop it off in the bin just inside the main entrance. Students in KidZing will be singing in this year’s Parade of Lights in Longmont, and they’d like to hand out candy along the route. Last year, we had enough Halloween leftovers we didn’t have to buy any new candy!

PTO Meeting

There is no PTO Meeting in November but we will have another one in December.

Spirit Gear

 There is spirit gear order forms located outside of the front office for you to fill out and return at any time.  We plan on placing another order that will arrive before our Winter Break and then another one in the spring.  Just return the forms at your convenience by December 4th; if you miss the cutoff date, we will let you know and add it to the next order.  Please remember to include payment when the order is submitted; you can send either cash for the exact amount or a check payable to Fall River PTO.  Also, there are now samples at the front office of each of the colors and most common shirt sizes (Youth small, medium, and large) if you would like to see them.

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