PTO December News

We would like to thank the entire Fall River community for helping to make our restaurant nights such a success!  The PTO earned $243 at Texas Roadhouse in October and an record-breaking $916 at Chipotle in November!  We will be discussing how best to use this windfall at our next PTO meeting.  Two additional community nights are planned for after the new year, so please stay tuned for those.  We’d also like to remind everyone of the monthly Fall River night at Nicolo’s on each Late Start day.  We appreciate the ongoing support of one of our local businesses.

Our next PTO meeting is on December 11, from 6-7:30p in the library.  We will be discussing upcoming volunteer opportunities and proposed special projects.  Finally, we invite any interested parents and staff to join us for an informal but festive get-together at the end of the meeting.  Come enjoy some cookies and a (elementary school appropriate) beverage while getting to know some of the other members of the FRES community.  As always, childcare will be provided.

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