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Dear Fall River Families,

Fall is on its way, and that brings one of our fall traditions along with it…Parent/Teacher Conferences!  Attending your child’s conference is a critical parental obligation; your awareness of your child’s progress and what is going on in their school life is crucial to their educational success. If you are reading this after conferences are over, thank you for making the arrangements necessary to make this happen.  Thank you also to our PTO, who feeds our staff on the long conference nights!   

Thank you for your incredible generosity and support during our annual Fox Trot Fundraiser.  We hope that donating money to the school without having to buy items that you might not want works out better for your family.  With this fundraising system, all monies come directly to PTO; we do not lose any to fundraising company.  Our teachers and students LOVE what PTO does for our school, and they cannot do it without our fabulous school community.

Our Fall Clean-up is also coming soon.  This is an annual tradition that helps us keep our school grounds beautiful!  As you know, many hands makes light work, so if you’d like to do some trimming and raking (and enjoy some fun times with other Fall River Foxes!), check the PTO website for more information.

Thank you again for complying with our parking restrictions regarding handi-cap parking and pre-school parking during peak pick-up/drop off times.  

  • Handi-cap parking spots are limited to pick-up/drop off of special needs students at these times and cannot be used for adult handi-cap drivers who do not need to come into the school.  

  • Parking areas marked “pre-school” are reserved for pre-school parents at the beginning, middle, and end of the day, as we require these parents to come into the building at these times.  

  • Lastly, there is no left turn permitted from the “south” exit of the parking lot in order to keep the crosswalk safe.  

As you know, we have a tight parking situation, and it takes everyone’s help to make it all work!

Our big news for the fall is that we have started working on the design for our new addition and renovations to our front entry/office!  This work is happening thanks to your votes during the recent bond election.  Construction will be starting sometime in the spring, and will be completed in time for the beginning of next school year.  Our design committee is made up of the project manager, architect, and builders, as well as staff and parent representation; team members include front office staff, Ms. McIntosh, Ms. Staples, and Gina Vanderwood-Tajchman (parent representative).  Feel free to ask them questions as we work through this process! We are so excited to update the Fall River facilities and keep up with our growth and needs; more information will be shared as it becomes available via newsletters and PTO meetings.  Thank you again for supporting us with your votes!!

Thank you again for helping us deliver excellence in education to all of our students at Fall River Elementary, where we have The Courage to Be Outstanding!

Dr. Guthals, Principal

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