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Dear Fall River Families,

My thanks, again, to all of you for your attendance at Parent/Teacher Conferences. Communication between school and home is one of the most important ingredients in student success. Please feel free to continue this communication via student planners, e-mails and phone conversations with teachers (and myself) and reading the class newsletters that come home for the various grade levels.  Thank you to our PTO for their support with childcare and meals; we could not do it without you!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped with our annual Fall Clean Up Day. What a fun event: community spirit, prizes, treats!  We appreciate PTO spearheading this effort every year; our school grounds always look beautiful after the work is done. You’re why we have the most beautiful school in Longmont.  Your support is much appreciated!

Please remember to check the lost and found as coats and hats are always accumulating! It’s always a good idea to put your child’s name in their coat so that we may more easily get it returned to you if they happen to leave it here.

Please also stay on top of seasonal health concerns, including flu shots.  Though we want students to have good attendance, we also recognize that learning is difficult when you are ill and coming to school contagious is never a good idea.  Please stay in contact with our attendance clerk, Nichole Trevino, regarding absences.  Please also feel free to contact our fantastic health clerk, Jennifer Bettencourt, with any questions about keeping your kiddos healthy.     

IMPORTANT SAFETY REMINDER:  NO CHILDREN MAY BE DROPPED OFF IN THE PARKING LOT.  Please keep our students safe by using the drop-off lane or parking elsewhere and walking on the sidewalk to the school.  It is unsafe and against the rules to let kids out of your car in the parking lot and let them walk through that busy area.  Thank you for help with student safety!                          

My thanks this upcoming Thanksgiving extends to many people: PTO for support of our school in so many ways, our dedicated and dependable parent volunteers, our Accountability Team members for being a link between the school and the community, our excellent certified and classified school staff for their passion for learning and love of children, and the fabulous children of Fall River Elementary for letting us be such an important part of their lives.  Enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving break with your friends and families!

Thank you again for helping us deliver excellence in education to all of our students at Fall River Elementary, where we have The Courage to Be Outstanding!

Dr. Guthals, Principal

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