Student Council December News

Student Council has been busy working on many things for our Fall River community.  Recently, the Student Council helped launch a successful campaign to SAVE the Cafeteria Silverware (The school silverware has been accidentally tossed out by students).  Students raised awareness by creating a movie and posters to help KEEP our silverware.

Cafeteria December News

Wow I can’t believe it’s already December! 
We have breakfast every morning from 8:20am till 8:45am Don’t forget we don’t serve breakfast on late start day 12/4/18
We are so excited to be hosting the holiday meal for the fifth-graders and their Families, as it will

100 Mile Club

Welcome to December!  
This month we will be finishing up with our floor hockey/striking unit and starting another unit on striking...Pickle Ball!  As many of you know Pickle Ball is gaining popularity in Arizona and Florida.

Community School December News

Hello Fall River Families!


Superintendent Update - Outstanding Achievements

It has already been an outstanding year of growth and success across St. Vrain Valley Schools. Day after day, we hear of numerous student achievements, teacher accolades, industry partnerships, grant awards, and so many more recognitions that are building significant momentum behind our world-class education system. This year, St. Vrain Valley Schools continues to see significant advancements in academic achievement. Specifically: four-year graduation rates have continued to increase with among the highest requirements in the state; test scores, achievement, and participation with the SAT, ACT, CMAS, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate continues to rise; numerous students are earning many highly-competitive and prestigious scholarships, all of which has garnered statewide and national acclaim for St. Vrain Valley Schools and our entire community.

Principal News

Dear Fall River Families,

Art News

Hello Fall River Foxes,


I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!


Hopefully, you’ve taken the opportunity to sign up for Artsonia or have the Artsonia app to see what Fall River artists have been creating. If you have not signed up and would like to, please contact me for information. Here’s what we have been working on in the art studio.


Counselor News

PARENTS CAN REDUCE STRESS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON BY GIVING THE GIFT OF TIME by Jim Fay For many American families, this holiday season will be much different than others in recent memory. The current economic slowdown likely will affect many people, from the lack of a holiday bonus or overtime pay to the loss of a job. But tight times don’t mean your holidays have to be ruined. Less spending money can encourage families to escape the materialistic view of the holidays and connect with what kids really want from their parents: Time. This is one of a child’s most basic human needs.

Preschool News

December Preschool Newsletter


Music December News

The KidZing Chorale will continue rehearsing on ALL Tuesday mornings from