Preschool March News

In Preschool we just finished a study on Pets. The children learned about the different kinds of pets, how to care for pets, how pets make them feel and they make pets feel. The students helped create a pet store, sorting, labelling, and pricing all the animals. The students really wanted a class pet so they wrote a letter to Dr. Guthals, asking permission for a pet fish. We were excited to hear that she said yes! Our study finished with a visit to the Longmont Humane Society. The children got a behind the scenes tour and even got to meet a few friendly pets. The staff were very grateful for all the donations we delivered and we know we made the pets there feel happy.

We are looking forward to our next study, BUILDINGS. Are there any painters, construction workers, engineers, or carpenters out there that would like to share their expertise with us? Let Ms. Danielle know at!

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