December Family Connections Newsletter

In this month's issue of the Family Connections Newsletter, we share new findings on media use by tweens and teens and explore how St. Vrain students of all ages are engaging in robotics.

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Kindergarten Registration

Canned Food Drive

December Counselor News


December Library News

We read a wonderful book called “The Word Collector” and learned how to better notice the words around us that we may not know. We are also better recognizing how we can add words into our speech and writing that we wouldn’t normally use...but add extra feeling or a little more pizzazz! December brings the annual “Hour of Code” that our school district supports...the kids love this week! There are some fun apps on Ceran that help them practice coding. We will be focusing on how to code, but also how it’s ok when we make helps us learn!

December Student Council News

Student council members have been writing announcements to share how we can use ROCKS every day in our school.  We’ve also been busy preparing for the canned food drive.  Student Council sponsors a classroom contest to help collect canned and dried food for the Community Food Share.  We will be running the contest for the MOST items brought in by a single class from December 2-December 16. 

December STEM News

  • Design challenges were taken on by 1st and 2nd grade students. Understanding empathy as the focus, as well as working together and preserving through difficulty, students were tasked with making a chair for Baby Bear from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

December Health Office News

Health Office Reminders:


December Art News

Art Room Update